cross stitch

Heart in Bloom


I’ve finally finished Blackbird Designs “Heart in Bloom.” Such a long time to complete such a small project!

I really enjoyed stitching this because it is a gift for two people whom I dearly love. I stitched the names of the recipients at the bottom under the border, which I revised to better suit my needs, and I also added a tiny bee as my signature to the right of one of the flowers. I like to add bees because my name means “bee,” and try to include one in every project, if possible.

I’ve purchased a lovely square frame from Michael’s Crafts for this, but am not completely certain about the look, and so will wait until the weekend to decide. Overall, though, I’m quite happy with the way this little project turned out.


4 thoughts on “Heart in Bloom

  1. This is really quite nice. I am sure that they will be delighted with it, and I can’t wait to see it in person.

    1. When I tell people that my name means “bee,” I sometimes get a puzzled look back. I guess that’s because most people don’t think about etymology very much these days. I doubt my mother did, either, as per family legend she actually named me after Debbie Reynolds! 😀

      You can tell your mum that I think her name is BEAUTIFUL. 🙂

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