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woofAlmost done with this little Lizzie Kate Block Flip-It called “Woof.” I found some matching wide green rick rack for the trim when the piece is done. If I have the time, I plan to start “Meow,” its sister piece, later tonight.

Once again I’ve resorted to using ibuprofen gel on my hands during the day and soaking them in Epsom salts at night to help alleviate the discomfort. Along with stitching for only relatively brief periods of time and take plenty of breaks, this seems to be working out pretty well, and is allowing me to get more stitching done than I have been able to do in a long time.

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Looks like a good day to stitch

pumpkinfestYesterday I visited our local pumpkin festival which really got me into the mood for fall. Today dawned bright and a little cooler, for Florida anyway, and made me want to begin a project destined to be a Christmas present.

I’ve been taking another break from stitching for past month and a half. My work has me constantly on the computer, so when my CTS/arthritis combo kicks in,  giving my hands a rest at night is essential to my being able to type all day long. When grasping a needle becomes impossible,  stitching is unfortunately out for awhile.

Taking a break from actual stitching doesn’t mean that I forget about it entirely, though. I sort through my charts and select fabric from my stash for fun designs I have yet to try, or think about all the pretty new charts now available and dream about which ones I’d love to tackle.

Today I think I’m finally ready to start stitching again with something small.

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Nearing completion

HomeSweet-Home-progressIt has been a very long time since I felt like posting about my cross stitching. Real life, work and health issues have been getting in the way of some of my more pleasurable pursuits these last few years. Plus, since my job keeps me at the keyboard all day long, my continuing struggle with CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) often cuts short the hours I can comfortably use my hands after working hours.

That said, a few months ago I was able to take up an old, unfinished Prairie Schooler “Home Sweet Home” cross stitch, and it’s almost done now.

I changed the design slightly, removing the cat figure and adding another bird. Since I took this photo, I’ve almost finished the second tree and have only the sun, some small window details and a little more customization to go. I plan to add a few bees buzzing around. Bees have always been one of my favorite motifs, because my name means “bee.” It amuses me to sneak in a couple on my projects when I can.

This Prairie Schooler chart is the companion piece for another cross stitch in my entrance hallway. I’ve always found “Home Sweet Home” sentiments a little sappy, but the designs match so well that I couldn’t resist stitching both as a set.

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The never-ending story

My progress on the Mary Wigham sampler has been very slow, I just haven’t had much time to stitch, or when I did my hands would not cooperate. Ah, the joys of getting older! I knew that this would be a lengthy on-going project when I started it, but I had no idea that I would still be working it after all these months. Long ago I had to abandon my original (and what I thought quite achievable) goal of stitching just one motif of the chart each weekend, and merely fit in stitching on it when I can. But I decided to no longer obsess over getting this sampler finished by any self-imposed arbitrary deadline. I am still quite appreciative that offered this chart online for free, I only wish that the time I spend working it could equal their generosity.

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New beaded scissors fob

Made a little present for my big sis for Christmas. While she was here I asked her to select the beads and colors she liked so I could make her an item and she suggested that I make a scissors fob once she saw the one I’d made for myself. I was happy to oblige. There will also be a little something else in her package, but I haven’t finished that yet. 😉 I hope to get things done and mailed in time for the holiday! At this rate it may be a race to the finish.

Still working on my Mary Wigham reproduction sampler, as my hands permit me. Even though I love working on it because of all the different motifs my progress has been very slow. Too few hours in the day for these things! I’ve been sticking mostly to the color palette provided, but have occasionally made changes here and there. I’ve also collected many of the images that other stitchers have provided to Needleprint so that I can compare their revisions and see what I should like to incorporate into my own version. For example, I have already decided to use my own family’s initials on the piece, but as I intend to stitch those last it may be many months before I get to that point. 🙂

Side note: I STILL haven’t found that favorite pair of embroidery scissors that I lost a month ago! I may yet break down and get myself a pair of 4-inch Gingher scissors if they never reappear.

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Back to work

I’ve gone back to stitching on the Mary Wigham sampler when I can. My hands have been bothering me a bit again this week – too much time using the mouse and trackpad aggravate my CTS just as much as needlework does – so I have to juggle the time I spend with each. But it is fun to see the different Quaker motifs emerging.


Truth be told

I haven’t stitched a single stitch for over a month, and thus have barely updated here. Mostly I’d been preparing for my recent Chicago trip and have had other concerns on my mind unconducive to pondering linen and floss. And on the occasions when my thoughts did turn to stitching my hands were not cooperating.

I hope I do better now that it is September.


Taking a little break

Still haven’t finished Home of a Needleworker yet. Promised myself to finish this past weekend, but despite my best efforts (or perhaps because of them!) my carpal tunnel problems kicked in a somewhat and I had to give my hands a rest yesterday. As soon as I get back to normal I hope to finish up this little project. It has taken me rather longer than I thought it would to stitch, but I have enjoyed every minute.