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Looks like a good day to stitch

pumpkinfestYesterday I visited our local pumpkin festival which really got me into the mood for fall. Today dawned bright and a little cooler, for Florida anyway, and made me want to begin a project destined to be a Christmas present.

I’ve been taking another break from stitching for past month and a half. My work has me constantly on the computer, so when my CTS/arthritis combo kicks in,  giving my hands a rest at night is essential to my being able to type all day long. When grasping a needle becomes impossible,  stitching is unfortunately out for awhile.

Taking a break from actual stitching doesn’t mean that I forget about it entirely, though. I sort through my charts and select fabric from my stash for fun designs I have yet to try, or think about all the pretty new charts now available and dream about which ones I’d love to tackle.

Today I think I’m finally ready to start stitching again with something small.


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