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Prairie Schooler Queen Bee

Queen-Bee-in-progressAll this talk about bees caused me to remember that I had a little Prairie Schooler Queen Bee mini-card in my collection. I decided to start it on some leftover, black 14-count Aida cloth from my stash. Large weave Aida is not my favorite fabric as it is so stiff and rough, but it’ll do fine for this small project, which I think will end up as a nice little egg-shaped pincushion. The photo shows how much was stitched in just one sitting, I hope to finish it this weekend.

cross stitch

Speaking of bees


As I mentioned in my last post, my name Deborah means “bee,” so I always like to add a bee or two as tiny accents to my stitching projects when possible. I especially use bees as my signature on pieces that I am personalizing as a gift for someone and where signing with my own initials just won’t work. Hence I have a Pinterest board devoted to “Small Cross Stitch Motifs,” where I have collected several tiny cross stitch bee images (amongst other things) from which I can choose.

I often use the simplest of designs, usually because I have only a very tiny area left to fill (sometimes only a 6 stitch width!) on any project, and I much prefer primitive-style or very stylized designs for my pieces. But I am always on the lookout for any type of tiny cross stitch bees that might be useful in the future!

cross stitch

Itsy bitsy project

I just completed and framed this small project, but as it is a gift for a friend who sometimes stops by here, I could only post a tiny photo hint of the finished snippet. It was a quick and enjoyable stitch, and I hope she will like it.

You’ll notice that it has my favorite thing (BEES) in it.

cross stitch

Home of a Needleworker finish

IMG_5669Finally completed my own “Home of a Needleworker” this weekend. The birdie is a plump little chap now, as I frogged and restitched him so that he would fit and balance better, and I added a couple of bumblebees “just because.” I’ll have to set this aside until I can make a frame for it, but I’m pleased to have finished at last.
Little House Needleworks “Home of a Needleworker”
22-ct. Off-white Aida, DMC floss as charted
Stitch count: 193W x 97H
Start 6/21/09 – finish 07/11/09