cross stitch

Done, but not quite

IMG_7166I completed stitching The Sampler Girl “Christmas Bells” mini-pillow before starting on “Gingerbread Cookie,” but right now it’s just sitting in my flat pile because I haven’t yet decided how I want to finish it. Or, as I like to say, it needs more thinking about.

Some of my projects take a lot of thinking about before they get “done.” For example, the completed sampler on the bottom of the pile in this photo has been sitting around since 2009. Good grief! I’d wanted to get it professionally framed, but there’s no money in the kitty for that, so instead I decided I should just deconstruct an old frame to create a new one. Somehow I’ve just never quite gotten around to doing that. Hey, it’s only been six years. Funny how long it seems to take me to get around to things these days.

cross stitch

Christmas Bells

Christmas-BellsI underestimated the amount of time it would take me to complete all of the hanging ornaments I’d planned for my family this year, and so ran out of time to finish that one little project that I had planned for myself prior to Christmas! Thus I find myself still working on the “Christmas Bells” chart from The Sampler Girl.

I decided to use up an 18-count Aida scrap and some variegated DMC floss instead of what was called for in the chart, and intend to make this up into a decorative mini-pillow, with the exact finishing to be decided later. I have an idea to add some red buttons as accents to the corners, and maybe even use this piece to experiment on with aging the fabric, but we’ll see.

This is one of the few pieces I’ve ever worked where each individual stitch must be fully completed before moving on to the next, which makes it a little more challenging than some of my past projects, but I do love how the color subtly changes as the words progress across the fabric.