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Gifts for my great-nieces

Kids-Ornaments-2013Finished all three ornaments for my great-nieces on Monday night and took them to the post office on Tuesday morning. I was only one day behind schedule, so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

The kids already get tons of great toys and gifts from their family at holiday time, so this year I decided to do something handmade and personalized for their Christmas tree instead. In that sense, these are really more like gifts for their parents, I suppose! These were a lot of fun to stitch, and even though there were a few moments when I was afraid my hands would give out before I could get them done in time, it all worked out just fine.

Each ornament is a Lizzie Kate Monthly Stamp Flip-It design and was stitched in 18-count Aida Oatmeal using DMC floss as indicated in each chart. I substituted my own buttons for the ones indicated, and changed the names of the months to the childrens’ names by playing around in MacStitch. The designs were finished as little stuffed hanging pillows, with cotton print backs and cloth ribbon from my fabric stash.

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For the kids

IMG_6838This year I decided to stitch personalized Christmas tree ornaments for my great-nieces. I chose a few cute Lizzie Kate Christmas Club Flip-Its designs from 2006 and had a lot of fun charting out the girls’ names using MacStitch. Here’s a WIP picture of the first design mid-name in my hoop. I am actually working on the third one right now and hope to finish it tonight so that I can assemble all three of them this weekend and (fingers crossed) mail them next week.

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Two more ornaments

I didn’t include these two in my last ornament post as I forgot to take photos before I mailed them out. The pieces I sent were finished as pillows, not as flat ornaments as shown, but you get the idea. Next time I make some I think I might try finishing them this way, it looks a heck of a lot easier than all that sewing and stuffing! LOL

The Prairie Schooler 2008 Freebie “Noel”
The Prairie Schooler Designer Series “Forget Me Nots” From My Garden
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Ornaments 2008

For Christmas 2008 I stitched a variety of small Prairie Schooler patterns on pieces of 14-, 18-, and 22-count scrap Aida cloth and finished them as tree ornaments. All of pillow backs were cut from medium-weight dark green cotton cloth, and I used silky green cording for the hanging loops. I secured the reverse of the stitching and attached cotton batting cut to fit to stabilize the backs. After stitching the little pillows together on the sewing machine I turned and stuffed them with polyfill, ladder-stitching closed the small gap I used for stuffing.

Top, left to right:
Prairie Schooler Book No. 24 “Prairie Birds” Wren
Prairie Schooler Book No. 134 “Christmas Day” Snowman
Prairie Schooler Book No. 124 “Folk Art Christmas” AngelCenter, left to right:
Prairie Schooler Book No. 134 “Christmas Day” Farm Snowman
Prairie Schooler Promotional Minicard “A friend is a gift you give yourself”
Prairie Schooler Book No. 134 “Christmas Day” Santa & Tree

Prairie Schooler Book No. 24 “Prairie Birds” Junco