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Heart in Bloom


I’ve finally finished Blackbird Designs “Heart in Bloom.” Such a long time to complete such a small project!

I really enjoyed stitching this because it is a gift for two people whom I dearly love. I stitched the names of the recipients at the bottom under the border, which I revised to better suit my needs, and I also added a tiny bee as my signature to the right of one of the flowers. I like to add bees because my name means “bee,” and try to include one in every project, if possible.

I’ve purchased a lovely square frame from Michael’s Crafts for this, but am not completely certain about the look, and so will wait until the weekend to decide. Overall, though, I’m quite happy with the way this little project turned out.

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A little progress


I finally found some time this past week to put in a little more effort on my current project, “Heart in Bloom.” Per usual, I find I’m changing the floss colors a bit as I go along, and am making some design adjustments to better suit my idea of balance. The actual chart is  small, so the changes I am making won’t affect the overall size very much at all, and I doubt anyone but the designer would notice the revisions.

I almost always find it hard to stitch a chart exactly as it is shown, I keep wanting to fiddle with it. I suppose that’s the graphic designer in me coming out. I get a lot of pleasure out of adapting what I see to make it better suit its recipient and my own sense of color.

I’m glad that I chose a small design because the arthritis in my right hand has been slowing me down of late. It sometimes prevents me from stitching entirely — gripping that little needle is an impossible challenge some days. However, my “wear and tear” arthritis is quite mild compared to that of several people I know. Most of the time I don’t even think about it, it’s only when I go to turn a key in a lock or button a shirt or grip the handle of a coffee cup that I am reminded that there are some little things I just can’t do as well as I used to be able to do. All I can say is that ibuprofen is my friend!

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Little flower

FlowerHere is the very beginning of my next stitching project. This pretty little flower is from “Heart in Bloom” which is at the back of the book “A Stitcher’s Journey” by Blackbird Designs.

I’m stitching this as part of the wedding gift for my niece and her fiancé, but I’m not too worried about blowing the surprise here, because I seriously doubt that either of them reads my needlework blog. But should they stumble across it, then surprise – and happy upcoming wedding!

I haven’t decided yet how I will be personalizing the piece yet, that’s something I will be thinking about while I stitch it.