Algebraic! magnets

AT-magnetsHere are some cute little “Adventure Time” magnets that I made for my niece’s fridge. She and her fiancé are big fans of the TV show on the Cartoon Network and I thought they might get a chuckle out of receiving a set of these for use in their kitchen.

I think that’s it for my magnet-making mania for right now. There’s only so much Mod Podging one can do before sticky finger satiation sets in! I’m going to use the rest of the paper that I punched into 1-inch circles for envelope seals.



Bird-MagnetsA few weeks ago I decided to go on a little magnet-making spree! I took my trusty paper punch to some favorite illustrations by the wonderfully creative artist Gennine Zlatkis, and used Mod Podge to adhere these circles to the 1-inch round clear glass pieces that I’d found on sale at Hobby Lobby several months ago.

After carefully smoothing out the paper against the glass backs and letting that dry, I then added a couple of extra coats of the glue to act as a sealer. Later, I used a few drops of E-6000 multi-purpose adhesive to permanently affix an inexpensive magnet round to each piece.

I ended up making a matching set of 12 for my refrigerator, and I must say that they add a lovely artsy touch to my kitchen.

Of course, you could use any kind of paper to make your own magnets, even wrapping paper or images cut from magazines and catalogs. I think scrapbook paper would be ideal!


Making magnets

Magnet makingI don’t know why, but for me there’s something very relaxing about slapping glue onto things with a brush, so the fact that I got to spend a couple of hours this afternoon with my paper punches and a bottle of Mod Podge was pretty delightful.

I’d been collecting snippets of artwork from various places for several months now and finally managed to assemble all of these bits and pieces in one place and get to work making magnets. As well as creating several pretty birdie ones for my own fridge, I made a few for my niece using artwork from one of her favorite TV shows, and I hope she will smile when she sees them.

Later in the day, I measured and cut a piece of linen from my stash for a new cross stitch project that’s been on my list for quite some time. I’ve been buying the floss for this in stages as it went on sale and when Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics had it available, so now that the fabric is finally ready, I can start anytime. I look forward to stitching again, but now that the day is darkening to dusk, I believe I’ll wait until tomorrow to begin. I don’t like starting projects at night, something about mornings and new beginnings just feels better.