Charts Stash

(A list of my chart collection;  for reference purposes only, not for sale.)

American School of Needlework

Sun, Moon & Stars – 3612

Barrick Samplers (now Carriage House Samplings)

Brite Birds (freebie)
The Farmer’s Wife

Beehive Needleworks

Cranberry Deer Pinkeep

Bent Creek

Bad Hare Day – Book BC1091
Fur & Feather – Book BC403
I Do – Book BC1086
Love Sampler – Book BC1059
The Plum Berry Sampler – Book BC418
Red Winged Blackbird – Book BC405
The Littles Snowman – Book BC708

Birds of a Feather

Bitter Flower Sampler
Counting Magpies
Kindness Sampler
Red Reindeer

Blackbird Designs

A Stitcher’s Journey
Agnes Platt Strawberry Sampler – Loose Feathers Spring 2013
American Star Sampler
Bird in Hand (mini-card) Reward of Merit Pincushion
Blessings & Kind Wishes (Loose Feathers Pattern 31)
Bluebird (mini-card) Reward of Merit Pincushion
For My Friend Book
For Those Recorded Here
Glad Tidings (Schoolgirl Samplers)
Hedgerow Birds
Honeybee Hill
My Gift to You
Mystery Sampler Bonus
Now I Know My ABCs freebie
Peacock Pinkeep – Loose Feathers Pattern 35
Petites Lettres Rouge freebie
Sisters Samplers
Small Token Pincushion
Special Delivery – A Girl’s Birth Sampler)
Spring’s Notice freebie
Strawberry Garden
Their Song – Loose Feathers Pattern 24
Wild Garden
With Needle & Thread Book

Canterbury Designs

One Generation Sampler – Leaflet 14

Carriage House Samplings

Black Willow Farm
Green Tree
Live With the Creatures
Miss Lila’s House
Pennsylvania Redware
Scarlett Berries
Wild Roses

Counted Collection

Friendship Samplers

Debbie Mumm

Angel Weather Vane
Backyard Angel

De Selby

Damask Ornaments

The Goode Huswife

1798 Quaker Sampler
18th Century Stitcher’s Pinwheel
Christmas Sampler
S Claws
The Valentine Sampler
Two Pinkeeps
Westover Sampler

Homespun Elegance

Petite Wedding Sampler – Purely Samplers Collection – PS 48
2009 Santa Ornament “The Merry Stitcher” – Sandra Sullivan

Jeremiah Junction

Patchwork Seasonal Squares – JL152

Just Nan

Snow Faces


Alphabet with Hare Sampler (freebie)
A Bird in Hand
Bushel & A Peck
Mocking Bird

Little House Needleworks

All Dolled Up – Joy to the World
Hallelujah – Ornament of the Month 2011 – No. 8
Home of a Needleworker (horizontal) – Chart #4
Home of a Needleworker (square) – Chart #53
Quaker Birds-  Ornament of the Month 2012 – No. 3

Lizzie Kate

A-B-C Crazy Blocks- #135
ABC Lessons – K38
Blocks with Charm (Flip It) November – #F32
Bloom (freebie)
Buzzy String
Eek Boo Hiss
Flowers Limited Edition Kit
Life’s a Stitch
Months of the Year Blocks with Charm (Flip It)
Spring String Snippet
Welcome Friends

Midsummer Nights

In Memory


Mary Wigam Sampler

Plum Street Samplers

A Handwork’s Pace
Christmas Tea
Love Thy Neighbor

The Posy Collection

Colonial Needlecase (kit)

Prairie Moon

I Thee Wed

The Prairie Schooler

1988 Santa
1989 Santa
1990 Santa
1991 Santa
1992 Santa
1993 Santa
1994 Santa
1995 Santa
1996 Santa
1997 Santa
1998 Santa
1999 Santa
2001 Santa
2002 Santa
2003 Santa
2004 Santa
2007 Santa
2008 Santa
2012 Santa
2013 Santa
A Christmas Visit – Book #48
A Farmer’s Almanac – Book #144
A Prairie Year I – Book #13
A Prairie Year II – Book #23
Angels – Book #42
Birdsong I – Book #128
Birdsong II – Book #129
Christmas Day – Book #134
Christmas Miniatures – Book #29
Christmas Past – Book #51
Christmas Strawberries – Book #101
Father Christmas – Book #43
Friends – Book #84
Folk Art Christmas – Book #124
Folk Eggs – Book #169
Forget-Me-Nots (Designer Series)
Garden Samplers – Book #45
Holiday Harvest – Book #37
Mittens – Book #118
Prairie Birds – Book #24
Prairie Year-Rounds – Book #52
Pumpkin Patch – Book #140
Santa & Friends – Book #110
Santa Collection 1988-1991 (Designer Series)
Santa Rides – Book #47
Santa’s Night – Book #175
Stockings & More – Book #28
Summer Breeze – Book #137
Welcome Home – Book #92
Where There Are Bees – Book #193
Mini-cards Set A
Mini-cards Set C
Mini-card – A Friend is a Gift – from Set A
Mini-card – Nutcracker Santa – from Set C
Mini-card – Queen Bee Egg
Mini-card – Santa Canoe – from Set D
Mini-card – 1995 Santa Nutcracker
Mini-card – Stick it Here Porcupine – from Set A
Mini-card – USA Hand Heart Stamp – from Set C
2005 St. Nick Freebie
2006 Noel Freebie
2008 Peep Freebie – from Set C
2008 Snowman Pipe Freebie – from Set C
2011 Eagle/Flag Freebie
2011 Christmas Tree with Candles Freebie
2012 Tulip Freebie
2012 Boo Freebie

The Primitive Needle

Earth Sampler
Hallow Sampler
Simply Live
Yule Sampler

Threadwork Primitive

ABC 1729 freebie
Ann’s Sampler
Falling Leaves Sampler
Merry Winter

Quaker Motifs

Quaker Carnation

Ramsgate Limited

Love Ornament

Silver Creek Samplers

47 Hearts
Sweet Friendship

Spirit of Cross Stitch

The Hare & the Basket – Leaflet 03-151L

Stacy Nash Primitives

1802 Biscornu Pinkeep
Be Ye Merry Pinkeep Drum
Blackwater Hollow Sampler
Country Sampler Early Alphabet Pinkeep
Early Style Alphabet Pinkeep
Fancy Peacocks Hanging Pinkeep
Monogrammed Pinkeep
Needles & Pins Heart Pinkeep (bird)
Netty’s Sampler Pinkeep
Schoolgirls Sampler Pinkeep Drum
Seek Joy in all Things Pillow Pinkeep
Spring Flowers Pinkeep
Velvet Bunny Pinkeep

Theron Traditions

Needles and Pins Wedding Sampler – #19

Val’s Stuff

Be Merry (from Just CrossStitch magazine)
Merry Kitty Klaus (from Just CrossStitch magazine)

Waxing Moon Designs

Autumn Blackbird

With My Needle

Kind and True

With Thy Needle & Thread

ABC Pinkeep (bird) – #CS08
Friendship Samplers – #CS20
Letters for Santa – #CS101
Love & Be Loved – #CS124
May Day Sampler (mini)
My Hearth & Home – #CS28
Needles & Pins Heart Pinkeep – #CS56
Needleworker’s Sampler – #CS124
Welcome October (mini)


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