No time for stitching this week

…and that feels kind of sad. The few times I’ve sat down and picked up a project it was so rainy or gloomy out that there was insufficient light to work, and I just had to put it back down. Also been spending a lot of time on the computer for my day job and by evening I don’t often feel like continuing to work with my hands for long periods of time.

I guess we all go through stages where even our hobbies become chores temporarily. I always think it’s better to stop for a while rather than work on a project when I don’t really feel in the mood.

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Real life is getting in the way again

I’ve not had much time for stitching this week and my hands have been acting up, so I am hoping next week will be better. Anyway, here’s a pic of me and my mom from this weekend.

Unlike a lot of other stitchers’ family histories, my mother’s never been very interested in the crafty side of life. In fact, she loves to joke about my affinity for “arts and crap”. *rolls eyes* Ho, ho, mom’s such a card. As a matter of fact, she did a lot of tatting back in the 1940s, making collars and cuffs to embellish her work clothes. I think she had quite enough of “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” in her day, and doesn’t really understand the point of stitching for pleasure.


Taking a little break

Still haven’t finished Home of a Needleworker yet. Promised myself to finish this past weekend, but despite my best efforts (or perhaps because of them!) my carpal tunnel problems kicked in a somewhat and I had to give my hands a rest yesterday. As soon as I get back to normal I hope to finish up this little project. It has taken me rather longer than I thought it would to stitch, but I have enjoyed every minute.



I’ve spent a chunk of time these last few evenings trying to decide what to stitch next. I’ve perused other people’s blogs looking for interesting finishes – which I probably won’t attempt, but which are fun to see and admire. I’m not big on doing several projects at once, as that’s too much like my RL job! I prefer to concentrate on one chart at a time. Also don’t have a lot of spare cash at the moment, so I am trying to select carefully.



For some reason I’ve become quite dissatisfied with my latest WIP and will have to put it aside for a while. I think perhaps it’s the fabric I chose…I’ve decided that I don’t like it after all. Hmmm…well, instead of sulking any further about it I’ve switched to doing a quick stitch project to lift my spirits. 🙂 With my favorite design of a little beehive, of course. 😉


Found my missing cross-stitch stand!

Yay! This makes my life so much easier. 🙂 It was tucked away in the very BACK corner of my walk-in closet behind a large hanging canvas dress bag. This was the perfect hiding place for it as I haven’t touched that bag since I moved in eight years ago! LOL