cross stitch

Quartet of Santas

Back when I used to collect Santa figures (which I don’t anymore, as I have around 200 of them and that’s more than enough!) I also used to collect the annual Prairie Schooler Santa charts. These four fellows made a nice grouping, I thought. Click on the image for a larger view.

My sister and I both love craft shops and when I visited her we used to frequent The Primitive Sampler, a needlework store in Frederick, MD now long since closed. Sis still sends me patterns she picks up from time to time on her travels, the sweetie. I lost the pattern for the Sunflower Santa in my last move eight years ago though, which is sad as he’s out of print now and I’ve always wanted to stitch another one of him.

SantasLeft to right:
1989 Prairie Schooler Santa –
Lantern & Wreath Santa
1988 Prairie Schooler Santa –
Toys & Gifts Santa
1994 Prairie Schooler Santa –
Sunflower & Birdhouse Santa
1993 Prairie Schooler Santa –
Poinsettia Gardener Santa

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