cross stitch

Well begun is half done (or so I hope)

Finally made a start on my new WIP Birds of a Feather “Kindness Begets Kindness” chart. I know I’m not very far along yet, but I wanted to post a photo as proof that I had actually begun!

Our Florida summer sunshine extending into the early evening means there are more hours in which to stitch after work, but somehow these days I find myself at the laptop more than at the needle. I’ve also been trying to organize my charts a little better by finally placing them in a project binder, and that leads to sorting floss for upcoming projects, and before you know it it’s late again and I am far too tired to stitch. But I do like this new chart and the 28 Ct. Examplar Linen I chose, so when I do find the time for stitching it is a pleasure.

I just added a link in my Favorites list to the Smithsonian American Sampler Collection. Lots of lovely examples and inspiration there!

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