cross stitch · WIP

Slow but steady progress

I stitch a little bit on “Home of a Needleworker” each night, but what with all those tiny stitches building a house on 22-count is slow going. I am determined to finish it this weekend, though.

I do not have a multitude of WIPs going at once, because I hate having unfinished needlework laying around. I find that too overwhelming. I know other stitchers like working on several things at once, but I prefer the sense of accomplishment that I feel when finishing one project completely and moving on to the next one to starting a dozen things which I may never finish or lose interest in along the way. I may be wasteful in plenty of other areas, but never if I can help it with fabric and thread. Each project is like a puzzle to me, waiting to be solved. And I have always preferred forging ahead to a solution, and not meandering along the way.


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