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A wish fulfilled

“Strawberry Garden” by Blackbird Designs is mine as of 10/22/09 🙂 With the help of a very kind online acquaintance I was recently able to purchase this beautiful OOP Loose Feathers chart. That my search to secure this design is finally over makes me very happy.


3 thoughts on “A wish fulfilled

  1. If you still have the pattern, would you be willing to share the thread colors? I am trying to re-create this pattern for my sister – she too is in love with it…. Much thanks! It’s beautiful!

    1. Here’s the floss list: WDW Mascara (DMC 310), CC Wisconsin Woods (DMC 779), CC Tartan Plaid (DMC 312), CC Fool’s Gold (DMC 613 & DMC 3046), GA Dried Thyme (DMC 3363), CC Crab Cakes (DMC 3705), CC Ruby Slippers (DMC 321), CC Bing Cherry (DMC 902), CC Shamrock (DMC 813), CC Boysenberry Jam (DMC 553)

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