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Home Sweet Home finish

THE-PRAIRIE-SCHOOLER-Welcome-Home-No-92-CrossIt makes me laugh to think that I chose to do two charts from the Prairie Schooler “Welcome Home” book for the walls of my new home, and that I’ve only just now finished the second one — 10 years later! The first piece has been hanging in my entry hall for (gulp) four years now, and today I finally framed and hung its companion.

I suppose every stitcher has a stash of unfinished projects tucked away somewhere. I know I do. When I picked up my needle again after a long stitching drought, I promised myself that I would finish one of those not quite done pieces before starting something new. Well, today I can say that I did that.

This was stitched per the chart with a few small revisions. I deleted the blobby-looking cat and added a second bird (sorry, cat lovers), and skipped a few tree branches so that I could insert some of my favorite bees buzzing around near the chimneys. I also added my initials, something I that forget to do more often than not. Lastly, instead of the current year, I stitched the year I moved into my home.


Prairie Schooler “Welcome Home” Book No. 92
“Home Sweet Home”
18-ct. Natural Aida, DMC floss as charted (mostly)
Stitch count: 85W x 83H
Start in 2009 – finish 08/01/13!


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