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Starting Mary Wigham

I am very pleased to have started stitching on the Ackworth School “Mary Wigham” sampler today. Situated near Pontefract in Yorkshire in the North of England, Ackworth School was built to be a foundling hospital, but in 1779 a school was founded there by Sir John Fothergill. Mary Wigham was a girl from the region who attended Ackworth between 1788-1791. Her piece is important for the history of the samplers as it is the first known with medallions.

Mary Wigham worked her sampler in 1790 – almost 220 years ago! Her sampler is under the care and conservation of the School, and Needleprint is releasing a section of the chart every week via download so that needleworkers everywhere will be able to complete Mary’s breath-taking sampler for themselves. Six of the nine sections have been released thus far, but I am only just starting it today, so I look forward to happy stitching for many weeks to come!

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July Stitch-A-Long (SAL)

Joined the July SAL on Facebook just for the heck of it, and in hopes that participating will motivate me to finish my sampler which is almost, but not quite done. I only have a little bit more to do and then I can start on my next project! So, barring any additional CTS problems I hope to get some serious stitching done this weekend.

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Slow but steady progress

I stitch a little bit on “Home of a Needleworker” each night, but what with all those tiny stitches building a house on 22-count is slow going. I am determined to finish it this weekend, though.

I do not have a multitude of WIPs going at once, because I hate having unfinished needlework laying around. I find that too overwhelming. I know other stitchers like working on several things at once, but I prefer the sense of accomplishment that I feel when finishing one project completely and moving on to the next one to starting a dozen things which I may never finish or lose interest in along the way. I may be wasteful in plenty of other areas, but never if I can help it with fabric and thread. Each project is like a puzzle to me, waiting to be solved. And I have always preferred forging ahead to a solution, and not meandering along the way.


What I spent most of last evening doing

My progress thus far on “Home of a Needleworker”. Something about stitching alphabets is very soothing to me. Especially compared to stitching the border which was making me go blind! You can see I have started to use Q-snaps, which are great – thanks for the tip, Diane!

And, my very first crape myrtle blossoms of the year!

Also my changed my blog background to a new look today, courtesy of Izzie Grace Blog Backgrounds (with some small tweaking, of course).


Selby Gallery

More stitching on my WIP today. Slow but steady! My camera doesn’t seem to capture the beautiful color of the fabric, although this pic is a little bit better than the last one was. In person it’s sort of a creamy light caramel with a slightly silky hand, which will look lovely in the distressed red/brown serving tray.

I received my invite in the mail for this upcoming Nat Krate exhibit at Ringling College of Art and Design’s Selby Gallery. I may just have to head on down to my old alma mater on the 26th and check it out.


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A new WIP

I’ve finally decided on my next project at long last: “Kindness” Sampler by Birds of a Feather. I’ve been looking for something for years that would suit my fancy and also be just the right size for my 9″ x 9″ wooden serving tray that has an insert area for stitching, and I’m thinking that this will just fit the bill. I’ve never done a chart by Birds of a Feather before, although I have long wanted to, and am looking forward to working on it.

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New project

Spent a good part of last evening perusing my charts box for ideas and finally prepared to start a new project – on linen this time. I am a lazy stitcher and usually prefer simple Aida and quick-to-stitch charts, but every once in a while I go old school and work a linen piece. A web grab of the pattern I’ve started is below: Little House Needleworks “Home of a Needleworker Too”. I don’t have the Crescent Colours floss shown, so I color-matched the colors by eye for conversion to my DMC floss collection. I have a stockpile of DMC and usually enough of most types of fabric to do any project if I am willing to substitute here and there. And I usually am!